A Wellgiven foi fundada em 2008 e está localizada em Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

Especializada na fabricação, processamento e venda de roupas de alta qualidade. A empresa ocupa uma área de 2.720.000 metros quadrados.

Possui prédio de escritórios, fábrica de produção, roupa hospitalar, armazenamento de tecidos e armazenamento de produtos acabados.


A technical team composed of qualified quality controllers, modelers.
All technical aspects are studied in detail.

Production planning and order tracking.

An active support service throughout the manufacturing process. Our quality controllers are in constant communication with our commercials collecting daily information in factories and satellites. This constantly updated system is a valuable tool for detecting and preventing any problems.

Our control teams visit the production units every day.
The final inspection is performed according to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) system, which ensures that the quality levels demanded by the customers are respected.

Taking into account the specificities of our customers, WELLGIVEN has expanded its area of operation in several countries, ensuring responsiveness as well as meeting the quality standards required by our customers.

The development of prototypes and sample collections is a very important factor. For this, we control all stages of the execution, ensuring that deadlines are strictly met.

We have access to highly specialized textile mills in Italy, Portugal and Spain as well as the best laundries. Allowing us to be bold and offer unlimited creativity to our customers.

We manage effectively all the legal, formal and bureaucratic issues inherent in the process.
A strict verification of the entire order is carried out before sending it to the customer.

We are aware of the confidentiality requirements of your customers, in partnerships and products, and throughout the development process, managing this issue with the utmost care.