Innovation and Technology

Sewing Machines

Parts with traditional seams can contain and hide micro-organisms or any other type of contamination that pose a danger to their users. On the other hand, ultrasonic seams prevent the passage of liquids inside the garments due to the sealing effect. This factor allows an increased resistance in the seams of the pieces, increasing their effectiveness.


Tape Sewing Machines

The critical area of waterproof garments is the seam due to the possibility of water ingress. To ensure the effective protection of its users, we use tape sewing machines to heat seal the seams. This procedure ensures that the garment becomes watertight and that no liquid can enter.


Dye Sublimation Plotter

We use sublimation plotters to obtain products with well-defined and intense colors and contrasts so that you can make a difference. Sublimated textiles have the advantage that they absorb more light and reduce reflection on the parts. Through sublimation it is possible to quickly create a product design totally tailored to your needs and imagination.

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Automatic Cut

It guarantees a totally rigorous and totally effective service, allowing us to provide faster and higher quality service.

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